A picture paints a thousand words, but when it comes to a book cover, it is the gateway to many thousands more, and needs to entice readers to look inside.


Our book cover design team has many years’ experience creating covers that capture the essence of the words within, using both client supplied material and customised royalty-free stock images.  We are happy to consult and create the perfect image to best reflect your book’s qualities.

Book Cover Design


the brink
mock 1
first encounters wrap
mock 2
greek tragedy

So if you're an indie author ready to publish your next project, look no further than SMS Publishing.


Stop making sense, start publishing…

We offer a complete design service, ranging from eBook cover to complete front, back and wrap design for paperback.


So why not contact us today and see how we can help make your book stand out in a crowd.

SMS Publishing offers indie authors an affordable range of online services designed to help get their work out there. Having successfully launched the writing career of Charming Man, SMS Publishing is now making its services available to all up and coming indie authors.  Services include: