As and when your indie author career takes off, a dedicated website to promote your writing is a must!  And with the help of SMS Publishing, it needn’t cost a fortune to set up a truly impressive site.


For a one-off fee, we will register a domain name of your choice (subject to availability), and design a website of up to ten pages with content provided by yourself, to include:


  • A welcome page

  • An author about page

  • A books page, with detailed images of book covers and synopses

  • Links to your books on Amazon, Smashwords, etc.

  • Links to all social media accounts

  • Your Twitter/Facebook feed if required

Website Design


So if you're an indie author ready to publish your next project, look no further than SMS Publishing.


Stop making sense, start publishing…

website design
  • A blog page if required

  • A contact page for all correspondence, to include a personalised email address at your domain name

Once your website is up and running, you are free to maintain the site yourself (there will be a small annual fee for the domain name ownership and provision of webspace), or contract us to maintain the site for you by providing regular content updates; the choice is yours!


So why not contact us today and find out how SMS Publishing can build you a website designed to get you noticed in the online world.

SMS Publishing offers indie authors an affordable range of online services designed to help get their work out there. Having successfully launched the writing career of Charming Man, SMS Publishing is now making its services available to all up and coming indie authors.  Services include: